Aluminium Shopfronts

Our aluminium shopfronts are designed especially to meet the needs of commercial ground floor treatment. Aluminium as a raw material is ideal for shopfronts, windows and doors as it is lightweight yet durable. Furthermore, aluminium is corrosion resistant and therefore is long lasting and able to withstand all weather conditions. We offers surface treatments such as powder coating and anodising which can improve this further. 

Toughened Glass Shopfronts
Growing in popularity, our toughened glass (frameless) shopfronts allow the customer to maintain a modern and contemporary image. Toughened glass doors can be installed with rails and/or patch fittings coming in a variety of finishes (satin/polished stainless steel, powder coated, anodised, brass etc) with decorative door handles to match. The special treatment of toughened safety glass to ensure its strength and reliability means a secure front can be installed without the aluminium profile being present within the main area of the shopfront. The full glass look creates a comfortable work environment and therefore is perfect for internal partitions, and ideally suited to any business where image and maximum exposure is everything.

Timber Shopfronts
WE offer a conventionally designed timber shopfront to uphold a shops traditional appearance and image. Our wooden fronts are ideally suited to areas where planning issues arise due to the location and preserved or listed sites are in question. Our skilled carpenters are able to manufacture complex designs from a durable hardwood which is then finished in paint or stained in varnish coupled with laminate or double glazing depending on what is required. Whilst the cost of a wooden shopfront is high in comparison to aluminium and toughened glass, it offers a distinctive and timeless effect.


 We manufacture and install a choice of shutters and reinforced entrances which can provide added security for your commercial or domestic property. There are 3 main types of shutters and these can be either manually or electrically operated (key switch, rocker switch/remote handsets). 

• Solid Shutters

Our solid lath shutters are ideal for after working hours security in many commercial and domestic environments where blanket coverage is the aim. This type of shutter allows no view from the outside and is ideal for keeping out of hours exposure to a minimum for retailers and is the perfect option for domestic garage shutters. 

• Perforated Shutters

​Our perforated range of security roller shutters offer excellent security and enable goods to be viewed in a display area. The shutter laths incorporate a series of perforations and prove a popular choice with clients who need to provide ventilation and out of hours exposure of products, whilst sustaining a high level of security. 

• Lattice grille/Punched hole

Our shutter grilles can be either brickbond pattern open grilles or infilled with polycarbonate panels so that products within the shop are visible at all times, whilst still retaining a high level of out of hours security. The client can also specify varying degrees of visibility through the use of this type of shutter, which is manufactured by incorporating an attractive ‘diamond’ pattern link. 

All types of shutters can be powder coated to any RAL or BS colour. Our made to measure shutters can be manufactured to exact required sizes and can be fitted in front of almost any entrance for added safety and protection. We can also offer fire rated shutters to comply with required fire safety regulations. Our enhanced security range also includes the supply and installation of fire exit doors (panic bar system), Steel Bar grilles, collapsible gates, metal reinforced doors and wicket doors.

Important Consideration When it comes to Your Shopfront Installation

Your shopfront installation will determine the overall impact potential customers have when walking past your store. You want your customers to stop, look and then come in. The more customers you have through the door, the higher your chances of making a sale.